Providing Quality Tactical Training Without The Games 


During whichever course you attend, you will be trained; not screamed at, intimidated, made to carry objects you'll never carry in the field and you won't spend each day running.  You will spend every day learning what you need to know- no more, no less.  That is our cornerstone and our commitment to our clients.

Charlie Mike Enterprises

Qualifications Versus Selections


In recent years some organizations that teach law enforcement tactical courses have began to focus on running their schools in a “Boot Camp” or “Selections” style approach. While this type of training certainly has its place – generally in the military where Special Forces units must screen thousands of applicants a year – we at Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. believe that unless we are requested to specifically conduct a “Selections” course, we leave that type of training to other people.  Our philosophy is that we are here to train you. The fact that an officer is attending one of our courses is proof enough that the officer has been selected for tactical duty by his/her department. Our job is to make that student into a well-trained, well- versed, tactical officer.  With that said, our schools are not “Gentlemen’s” courses. We do not use the dummy-down training concept. Based on the crawl-walk-run ideology our schools are designed to reach an intense level of training.  Each day of training, which builds off the previous day, is marked with specified goals that we must reach.  For that reason, our classroom time is kept to an absolute minimum. Over the last 5 years our schools have averaged 78% hands on application with only 22% of our courses spent in the classroom.   Please read the article “Selections Vs. Qualifications Training".